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Sewer Camera Inspections in Allen, TX


A camera inspection is a vital tool for plumbing professionals as it allows them to gain an insight into a plumbing system’s structural integrity. This type of inspection involves threading a camera up pipes and drains to see what or where the problem may be located. The camera transmits footage from inside the pipe onto a monitor, allowing the plumber to clearly visualize any blockages, cracks, and other damage that should be addressed. This can save time and money by accurately identifying issues within a plumbing system - without having to open the pipes - thus avoiding costly excavations. These inspections are essential for assessing sewers and drainpipes without cutting into walls and floors.

Anderson Plumbing performs camera inspections in Princeton and throughout Collin County for residential and commercial businesses to diagnose sewer problems and evaluate the overall condition of drainpipes and sewer lines. 

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to ensure reliable inspections of pipes that are not easily accessed. Our licensed plumbers can solve any problems that may be found with sewer camera inspections, from clearing clogs to replacing the entire pipe

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Are Sewer Camera Inspections Worth It?

There are many reasons to get a sewer camera inspection. With a thorough camera inspection, a plumber will be able to identify potential problems and diagnose issues that they would normally be unable to find.

Additional reasons to get a sewer camera inspection include:

  • Real estate home inspection - Scheduling a camera inspection is a good idea when you are preparing to buy or sell a home, especially an older property. Knowing the condition of the sewer line provides peace of mind for prospective buyers. 
  • Signs of a sewer problem - If you have noticed signs of a sewer problem, a camera inspection can provide a precise diagnosis for the most accurate and cost-effective repair. 
  • Remodeling - In some cases, a remodeling project may require locating or assessing the condition of the sewer line. If you are expanding your home and adding bathrooms, it is important to make sure your sewer line can handle the additional wastewater. 
  • Home maintenance - If your home is getting older, you may not want to wait for the sewer line to fail to schedule an inspection. Taking a proactive approach to home maintenance can help you avoid the horror and potential property damage of a sewer failure. 

Based on the results of your Princeton camera inspection, you can make important decisions about repair or purchasing a property. When the inspection reveals a problem with the sewer line, your plumber can walk you through the options for sewer repair or replacement. 


  • The sewer camera is a tiny camera attached to a fiber optic cable. 
  • The camera is fed down into a drain or sewer pipe. 
  • As the camera moves through the pipe, the plumber can view an image of the inside of the pipe, in real-time, on a handheld monitor. 
  • This inspection can evaluate the overall condition of the pipe and locate problems, such as a clog in the line, tree root infiltration, or a broken pipe. 

The main sewer line’s location under the ground makes assessing its condition and diagnosing problems challenging without the right equipment. A sewer camera inspection in Princeton can be used to get an idea about the overall condition of the sewer pipe or to pinpoint a problem in the line. Licensed plumbers can perform a sewer camera inspection to meet your needs. 

Call to Schedule Your Camera Inspection 

At Anderson Plumbing, we are equipped for sewer camera inspection in Princeton. Whether you have noticed signs of a sewer problem, plan to purchase an older property, or need an inspection before a remodeling project, we are here to help. Our plumbers deliver exceptional service with professionalism, honesty, and integrity.

If you are having a sewer problem or need a professional inspection, contact us at (972) 645-4916 to request camera inspection services.

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