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Anderson Plumbing offers installation and repair of water lines in Princeton and surrounding areas of Collin County. If you need a new water line installed, repaired, or replaced, our licensed plumbers will get the job done right. When you need help with an urgent problem with a water line, we have same-day appointments available. 

If you need a water line installed or repaired, contact us online or give us a call at (972) 645-4916 to arrange an appointment. 

    “I had a great experience using Anderson Plumbing. They were able to move their schedule around to squeeze us in earlier because we have a big project underway at our house and needed a leaky valve fixed to move forward.”

    - Nicolle E.

    “This is a fair-priced and very respectful company! I will definitely be using them again and will refer anyone their way that needs plumbing needs.”

    - Ginger H.

    “Excellent service to repair my bathtub faucet. We have ourselves a new plumbing company we will use going forward. Local, affordable, honest, friendly, professional.”

    - Perry L.

Do I Have a Water Line Leak?

The water for the various sinks, showers, and appliances in our homes is supplied by a main water line and a series of smaller water lines. The main water line brings the water from the municipal water supply to the house and the smaller water lines carry it to each faucet, appliance, or fixture. A leak can develop anywhere in the system, including Princeton water lines that are under the ground or behind walls.

Signs of a leaking water line include:

  • Hearing water running when nothing is on 
  • Musty odors 
  • Mold growth 
  • Stains on floors or ceilings 
  • A hot spot on the floor 
  • Puddles of water on the lawn 
  • Higher water bills 


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Quality Services for Water Lines

If you have noticed any of these problems, don’t wait to call a plumber because a leak in a water line can cause significant damage. Your plumber can provide an accurate assessment and repair or replace the line if there is a leak. In addition, an experienced plumber can install or reroute water lines for new fixture installation or remodeling.

Plumbing services for water lines include:

  • Leak detection – An experienced plumber can locate leaks in water lines, including pipes inside the house and the main water line. 
  • Water line repair – Once the source of the leak is found, solving the problem may involve repairing water lines under a sink, in the wall, or under the slab. 
  • Water line replacement – A water line that is excessively damaged or corroded may need to be replaced. This can include the water lines inside the house or the main water line. 
  • New water line installation – When adding a new sink, bathroom, or water-using appliance, you may need a new water line installed. 
  • Rerouting – A water line may need to be rerouted for a number of reasons. If you are adding a bathroom, remodeling the kitchen, or installing a new fixture or appliance, changes may need to be made to your existing water lines.

Your water lines need to be correctly installed and in good condition to avoid property damage. A simple mistake can result in water damage or mold growth, so leave leak detection, repairs, and water line installation to the professionals. 

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